Custom Saloon Doors- 48x78-$950

What you see here in photos of Antique Doors and Windows are just a few of the Old Mexican Doors and Windows that we have. Above are Saloon doors we made for a retail store in Austin Texas again all custom. Let us know what custom size you need These Saloon doors run about $1200. We have hundreds..Email us and call us if you are interested in any of these or others..We can also custom make solid wood Rustic doors..We specialize in uniqe one of kind Mexican Antique Doors and Windows.

Custom Old Doors-$1500

This front door above was made to custom specifications..What we do is we make the frame of the door to your size dimension..We then cover the entire door, front and back with the "skins" of antique Mexican Doors. And we add lots of hand hammered iron hardware throughout. These custom doors run about $1500. You can let us know if you want lots of color, little or no color at all. Every aspect of the door is customizable. Give us a call..A